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5 Digit SMS ShortCodes SA ZA

5 Digit SMS ShortCodes (SA) – The Ultimate Guide for your Business

  • 5 Digit SMS Numbers are also known as SMS Shortcodes in South Africa e.g. 45 776;
  • SMS Shortcodes can be ‘owned’ / ‘rented’ from SMSsouthafrica as “Shared” or “Dedicated”;
  • Short Codes can be used for building your contacts database, promotions, enquiries, surveys, mobile coupons and more;
  • They allow customers and prospects to contact your business instantly and
  • “Keywords” allow easy information-on-demand services within your advertising.

Dedicated Shortcodes

  • “Dedicated” means the 5-Digit SMS number is for your exclusive use, and is not shared with other users;
  • Unlimited keywords can be associate with a dedicated shortcode;
  • Every message sent to a dedicated shortcode will go to your account;
  • Ideal for medium to “heavy duty” users.

Shared Shortcodes

  • “Shared” means that many people share a 5-Digit SMS Number;
  • Everyone has a unique “keyword” linked with the shared shortcode;
  • Respondents SMS your keyword and a message to the shortcode number;
  • The keyword sent in the SMS identifies the enquiry as being for you;
  • Any texts sent to the short code with your keyword will be forwarded on to you;
  • Ideal for light duty users;
  • Shared 5-Digit SMS Numbers cost R150 per month (All Incl.)

Practical Example – Shared Shortcode

  • You apply for an SMS Keyword of your choose through your account e.g. “FASTPAINT”;
  • We set-up your shared short code (45 776) and Keyword on your account;
  • You add your SMS and/or Email response for everyone who sends you a message;
  • You add your Keyword (and instructions) to your print media, advertising, etc.
  • Customers SMS your Keyword “FASTPAINT” and any info you have requested to “45 776”.
  • All information, including the cell number of customer is stored in your account for download, and emailed to you.

5 Digit SMS Number 5 Digits for South Africa ZA

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