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Please Call Me SMS or Long Codes SMS South Africa

Please Call Me SMS Lines (Long Codes)

Question: Can any “Text” be assigned to the number, or just “Please Call Me?”

Answer: There is no specific text assigned to the number. The message sender will not pay if they send a please call me from their phone. The users are sending a network related please call me and not the text “please call me.” It is generally in the format of dialling *xxx*thenumbertosendthepleasecallmeto*xx*#

Question: Does the user sending to the long code pay for the SMS sent?

Answer: The user will not pay if they send a “please call me” as provided in the format from their network. Any other SMS’s to the long code will be charged.

Question: How does the long code billing work?

Answer: It is a please call me line, so there is a once off setup cost and a monthly line rental paid in advance. You can decide for how many months you want to lease, or lease on a month-to-month basis.

Question: How long does it take for a long code to be assigned to Account and be 100% operational, once SMSsouthafrica has received Proof of Payment?

Answer: This will generally take 7-10 working days depending on code availability.

Question: Which companies in South Africa normally use long codes?

Answer: This will generally be companies having staff members that are working in isolated areas not close to towns etc. where airtime is readily available, where a large number of brokered employees are present or call centres.

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