Getting Started

SMS South Africa is a Bulk Messaging Online Platform, which you can learn to use in a few minutes!

In this CRASH course training video presented by SMS South Africa, you will learn:

(1)   How to upload mobile numbers in bulk;

(2)   How to send SMS’s from your account to multiple recipients.

Recommended Video Quality: 720 – 1080p [HD].

To watch the training video, please select the link below:

Crash Course Video Tutorial

Your staff can access our online sms software both at work and at home.

All that is required is a computer and internet connection.

There are no monthly fees to have an account with SMSsouthafrica.

The ONLY charges are for the SMS’es you purchase.
Pay as you Go.
No contracts.
SMS credits DO NOT expire on your account.

Yes, you can import the data with either “27” or “0” in front.

When you import your numbers, they can be all mixed up, and our software will automatically sort out the number formatting for you.

Visit select the “Login” button on the home page.

Login with the Username and Password you selected during account creation.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to test our sms services and send single and bulk SMS’s with your free SMS credits.

Go to the home page:

Select the Login Button on the top right hand side of page.

Enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ – These are both case sensitive.

Click “Login” to access your account.

What separates SMS South Africa from similar service providers is you do not need to install any software.

The SMS Software you access via your web browser sits “in the cloud”, and can be accessed from any computer, iPad, notebook, etc.

This means you always have the latest software revision at your fingertips!


The first account that is created by a User is called the “master account”.

The master account holder can create “sub-accounts” for various departments in the company, school, etc.

Each sub-account has its own unique login Username and Password, but falls under the umbrella and control of the master account.

The master account buys all the sms’es, and then distributes onto the sub-accounts.

Each sub-account operates as a fully functional account, with a few checks and balances that can be setup by the master account holder.

In summary, this facility allows an original user to delegate authority to others, providing them with credits and the ability to send bulk messages on the original users behalf but under their own password and username.

SMS South Africa offers an Auto-Opt-Out Function that runs continually in the background.

If one of your clients reply stop, delete, remove, etc. to a message you have sent, they are automatically added to an opt-out list in your account.

We check ALL replies against a list of approximately 30 words or phrases, including swear words.

If a number is added to your accounts blacklist, this number will not receive any further communication from your bulk sends. Fully automated.

There is also a manual override where you can add numbers to a blacklist from within your account.

When importing data, you are able to identify number duplicates by selecting the groups against which you would like the new data to be checked.

Users are able to check all groups or identify selected groups from which duplicates will be removed.

Excel sometimes removes the “0” in front of the number, but this is not a problem.

Your account will still import your mobile numbers perfectly.

Account Management

Yes, we have many different types of sms sending reports and alerts that can be emailed daily, weekly or monthly.

Create your group under “Bday groups”, and import data under “Bday import data”.

Once data has been imported, the message will be sent out automatically.

Cell phone numbers must always appear in the first column, followed by the day and the month of the birthday.

Any additional information can be placed in the columns that follow.

Imported – The total amount of cell numbers that have been imported into the group.

Updated – The cell numbers already in a group which received new values when the file was imported.

Errors – The count of wrong mobile numbers (these are not imported) or any entry where there was no cell number.

Duplicates – The duplicate numbers that were already in the group. Duplicate numbers are are not imported.

Opt outs – Numbers are not imported as these people have requested to be removed from database.

Usernames can unfortunately not be changed, but you are able to change your password.

This can be done in “Account Settings”.

If you are desperate to have another Username, we suggest you create another account, and use your preferred Username.

Inform SMSsouthafrica staff that you will be swapping accounts.

Yes you can.

Go to “Maintain numbers”, select the group within which the relevant numbers appear, search for the numbers and select them.

If a number replies with one of the following words: Stop, Delete or Remove, the number will be automatically blacklisted.

Once the number is blacklisted it will not receive any further communication from your account.

This sms service is FULLY automated.

Software Requirements

Your staff can access our bulk sms software both at work and at home.

Of critical important :- an internet connection is required so you can access your account, and any contact lists you have already uploaded into your account.

What separates SMS South Africa from similar service providers is you do not need to install any software.

The SMS Software you access via your web browser sits “in the cloud”, and can be accessed from any computer, iPad, notebook, etc.

This means you always have the latest software revision at your fingertips!

Our sms software is supported on the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

How Do I

Simply go to “Replies”, select the necessary date range and download the reports.

ALL sms replies are logged within your account, and can be downloaded at anytime.

To request a Shared Shortcode and Keyword, login to your sms account, and go the “Keyword Application” link on the main menu.

This is where you will request your Keyword from SMS South Africa. The “Keyword Service” application process is easy and without hidden cost.

To search for available keywords, fill in your desired keyword below. Keywords are snatched up every day, so don’t delay in registering your own personal keyword.

Once you have selected your Keyword, your application will be processed by our staff. SMSSouthAfrica will contact you once your application has been accepted.

If you require any assistance during the application process, please feel free to contact us!

Send Later:

  • Allows users the option of sending a text message on a specific day and time.
  • Select the date on which the message should be delivered as well as the time.

Send Between:

  • Allows users to send a large volume of messages requesting the receiver to make contact.
  • This option will gradually send out the text messages over the specified period of time, thus regulating incoming calls.

Go to “SMS Templates”, and type the message in the designated template box.

Make use of placeholders if necessary and select “Create Template”.

Login to your account.

The balance of your SMS credits will appear on the left side of your screen, at the very bottom of the grey bar shown in red to you.

Go to “Sent/Queued”, select the date range and search for the messages.

General Enquires

1. Register for a sms account

2. Your username and password will be emailed to you

3. Order sms credits

4. Pay invoice that gets issued to you

5. Sign into SMS South Africa with your username and password

6. Upload your mobile numbers from an excel file

7. You can now send Bulk SMS’es to all your contacts

Your staff can access our sms software both at work and at home.

Of critical important : An internet connection is required so you can access your account, and any contact lists you have already uploaded into your account.

For 24 hours the South African cellular networks have tried to deliver the message to a specific handset, but was unsuccessful.

Either an incorrect number was supplied, the mobile device was off or out of range for an extended period of time.

SMS South Africa operates on a prepaid basis when buying SMS credits.

There are no setup fees, monthly fees or any other additional fees when using SMSsouthafrica.

The sms credits that you buy will only expire in 12 months from the purchase date.

There are no costs involved when using our SMS API.

Yes, your account will email you when your credit balance reaches a preset value.

You can update this preset value at any time from within your account settings.

This refers to the number of clients who replied “Stop”, “Delete” or “Remove”, to a message you have sent and are now on the opt-out list.

We have approximately 25 keywords that would confirm an Opt-Out has been requested.

SMS Short Codes

Login to your account, and go to "Keyword Application".

There are 2 types of SMS Short Codes:

1. Dedicated
2. Shared/Keyword

With a Dedicated Short Code you will be able to split the Short Code by clicking “Add keyword” on the respective dedicated Short Code (identified in bold).

This enables you to have multiple competitions running on the same Short Code, each with their own response, and forwarding capabilities.

You can also delete the keywords created by selecting the “Delete” next to the respective shared Short Code.

To view the incoming messages from your Short Codes/keywords combination simply click “Short Code – Incoming” from the menu.

The most popular use for our short codes is in automated services.

Automated services are controlled by our software rather than an actual human, and the user interacts with the service by sending short commands to the service via their mobile phone handset, which then reacts accordingly.


Text ‘SMARC’ to 41444 if you would like info on how to make a gift donation to the Red Cross.

SMARC is the Keyword, and 41444 is the Shortcode.

An Automated Reply is then sent to the handset which can include a link to a website or graphics, reminders, safety info, pricing data, etc.

Forward Email – Forward the incoming message to an email address(s).

Forward Mobile – Forward the incoming message to a mobile number.

Response – Send an automated response eg: Thank you for entering the competition.

Post URL – The shortcode can be posted to a URL of your choice.

5 Digit SMS Numbers are also known as SMS Short Codes in ZA e.g. 45 776;

SMS Short Codes can be ‘owned’ / ‘rented’ from SMSsouthafrica as “Shared” or “Dedicated”;

Short Codes can be used for building your contacts database, promotions, enquiries, surveys, mobile coupons and more;

They allow customers and prospects to contact your business instantly and

“Keywords” allow easy information-on-demand services within your advertising.

“Dedicated” means the 5-Digit SMS Number is for your exclusive use, and is not shared with other users;

Unlimited keywords can be associate with a dedicated short code;

Every message sent to a dedicated short code will go to your account;

Ideal for medium to “heavy duty” users.

“Shared” means that many people share a 5-Digit SMS Number;

Everyone has a unique “keyword” linked with the shared short code;

Respondents SMS your keyword and a message to the short code number;

The keyword sent in the SMS identifies the enquiry as being for you;

Any texts sent to the short code with your keyword will be forwarded on to you;

Ideal for light duty users;

Billing & Payment

To buy SMS credits, simply contact us via email on

State your (1) account username and (2) the number of credits you need, and we will send you an invoice.

SMS South Africa operates in the same way as a standard “Pre-paid” service.

There are no contracts.

You only pay for the SMS credits you purchase.

SMS Credits are valid on your account for 12 months from date of purchase.

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is when you pay in advance for the SMS’es you require.

There are no monthly commitments for using our sms services.

SMS South Africa offers a 100% pay-as-you-go service.

SMS Pricing can be found here:

Frequent Questions

DELIVRDRefers to the successful submission of the SMS to the handset. The cellular network reports the status.
UNDELIVRefers to the unsuccessful submission of the SMS to the handset, caused by inactive or unreachable numbers. The cellular network reports the status.
EXPIREDRefers to no status update being received within the validity period. This is usually caused by the handset being off, the call going to voicemail or being redirected, or the handset being out of network reach.
BLISTSMS delivery to the number is restricted due to a request by the owner or WASPA.
SUBMITDThe SMS has been submitted to the cellular network for delivery. We are waiting for a status update from the cellular network.
STAGEDThe SMS is waiting in the system to be submitted to the cellular network. In most cases this is for SMSes that are scheduled for a future send date.
CANCELLEDThe SMS was scheduled to be sent at a future date and time, but was cancelled by the user before the send date and time were reached.
NOROUTERefers to no route being available for the number.

Yes, recipients of messages that you send via our system can reply to your messages.

The reply messages will be delivered to your Replies inbox in your account.

Replies can also be forwarded to an email address, at no cost, or to a cell number if preferred. This will cost 1 Credit.

Our sms software will automatically remove any duplicate numbers within the same group.

This feature is fully automated!

In summary, a number will NEVER receive the same message twice.

For credits to reflect the account must be refreshed.

Please log out and back into your account.

The purchased credits will now be available.

Text messages can be scheduled to go out at any time and date, as you require.

If a number replies with one of the following words: Stop, Delete or Remove, the number will be automatically blacklisted.

Once the number is blacklisted it will not receive any further communication from your account.

This service is FULLY automated.

Placeholders can be used to personalise the messages. Please see our video tutorials.

Text Messages are delivered within approximately 15 – 30 seconds.

Each SMS South Africa user is able to send out 100 000 of SMS’s per hour through our Bulk SMS gateway.