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5 Digit Number SMS Short Code
SMS South Africa is an established short code SMS service provider. Join the growing number of businesses using this popular & powerful marketing tool.
SMS South Africa is an established short code SMS service provider. Join the growing number of businesses using this popular & powerful marketing tool.


A short code is a memorable 5-digit SMS number on the South African networks such as "45776" to which SMS'es can be sent. Short codes are primarily used by businesses and brands for lead generation and database building. A secondary use is it offers users the option to text message your business 24/7 via SMS.

Dedicated Short Code

A dedicated short code is assigned exclusively to one business. Most established brands opt for a dedicated short code as it gives the business unlimited keywords for different services and campaigns. Users are also able to reply back via SMS without having to add a keyword in the SMS reply text. 

Short Code & Keyword

A short code & keyword is preferred by the majority of small businesses due to it's simple setup and low monthly cost. A FREE SMS short code is supplied by SMS South Africa, and is linked to a keyword of your choice. It is the keyword in the reply SMS that re-direct the traffic to your account.


Below we list some popular uses for short codes:

  • Customer lead generation.
  • User database growth.
  • Service or product feedback from customers.
  • SMS contest, polling & SMS voting services.
  • Allow customers & prospects to contact your business 24/7.
  • Lucky winner draws.
  • Product inquiries.

How do they Work?

During registration for your short code, you will choose a keyword that suits your business requirements.

When an SMS, which includes your keyword, is sent to your short code (the 5 digit number), that SMS will be forwarded to your account and e-mail (settings can be changed).

All received SMS'es are stored, and can be viewed and/or downloaded in Excel format from your account. All that you need to do is add your 5 digit number and keyword to your print media, advertising, website, etc.

Example 1

If your keyword is “DISCOUNT”, a user can communicate with your business by simply sending an SMS with “DISCOUNT”, followed by any message to your short code (5 digit number).

SMS sent by client:
“DISCOUNT   When do your specials start in December?”

An email containing the text of the SMS and users cell phone number will be forward to your business. The data will also be captured in your account for download at any stage.

Example 2

If your keyword is “VOTE”, any South African user can communicate by sending an SMS with "VOTE", and the contestant name to your short code.

Users voting:
“VOTE Lerato” or "VOTE Khethiwe" or "VOTE Simone"

All cast votes are collected automatically in your account. Once voting has been completed, you can download the data in an Excel file.

How to get a Short Code & Keyword?

Register for your own short code and keyword by following the 3 easy steps below:

1. register for an account

Register for an account using one of the signup buttons.

2. keyword application

Login to your account, and select "Keyword Application". Follow the instructions.

3. short code deliver & test

An invoice will be issued to your email. Once we have received payment, your short code and keyword will be activated

Frequent Questions

Below we answer the most common questions we have received:

Forward Email – Forward the incoming message to an email address(s).

Forward Mobile – Forward the incoming message to a mobile number.

Response – Send an automated response SMS eg: Thank you for entering the competition.

Post URL – The short code can be posted to a URL of your choice.

“Dedicated” means the 5-Digit SMS Number is for your exclusive use, and is not shared with other users;

Unlimited keywords can be associate with a dedicated short code;

Every message sent to a dedicated short code will go to your account;

Ideal for medium to “heavy duty” users.

“Shared” means that many people share a 5-Digit SMS Number;

Everyone has a unique “keyword” linked with the shared short code;

Respondents SMS your keyword and a message to the short code number;

The keyword sent in the SMS identifies the enquiry as being for you;

Any texts sent to the short code with your keyword will be forwarded on to you;

Ideal for light duty users.


  • We do not offer premium rated short numbers with revenue share.


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