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5 Digit SMS Numbers [South Africa]

How 5 Digit SMS Numbers Work

A short-code is a 5 Digit SMS Number on the South African networks that can send and receive SMS’es to and from mobile phones. A short-code can either be “shared” between multiple businesses to save cost, or “dedicated” to ONE business.

  • Example of a 5 digit SMS number: “45 776”
  • A 5 Digit SMS number can be rented indefinitely from SMSsouthafrica, and billing takes place month to month.
  •  These 5 digit mobile numbers are compatible across all cellular networks.
  •  All activity on your short code is tabled in weekly and/or monthly reports and can be download from your SMS account.

5 Digit Short-Codes and their Uses

  •   Respond to a promotion or offer;
  •   Request more information to be sent to their mobile phone;
  •   Receive a mobile coupon or discount voucher;
  •   Register a vote or take part in a poll / survey;
  •   Register interest for a promotion or event;
  •   Request a call-back;
  •   A short-code generally provides access to information and services offerings 24/7 and
  •   Receive messages as email & download reports.

Dedicated vs Shared ?

Shared Short Code: A short-code shared between businesses because the cost of setting up and maintaining a short code can be expensive.

Dedicated Short Code: A shortcode associated solely with one business and used only for that business’s purposes.

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